Brighten Up Your Bathroom


Bathrooms have this tendency to feel cold. Surrounded by marble, tile, travertine, porcelain, glass, and metal, it is no news that the bathroom isn’t the warmest place in the home. This cold feel, however, can be easily counteracted with the application of lighting styles and effects that bring out the warmth of colour and brighten up the room.

Easy Tips to Brighten Up Your Lavatory

  1. Better lighting: Bathrooms tend to be poorly lit. Unless you have a window, it can be hard to give natural lighting to an enclosed room. If you find that your bathroom is dull, you can use a higher wattage light bulb to add a bit more glow to the space. Recessed lighting is a beautiful detail in bathrooms, as it offers lighting that simulates that of a skylight. Also, changing the original fixtures might be the best solution to your lighting problem, and gives you a chance to add character and flair to your bathroom at the same time. You can select anything from stylish sconces to track lighting, and if your bathroom is big enough, you can incorporate a lamp on the vanity.
  2. Use colour: Another easy way to add warmth to a bathroom is through colour. Adding colour to your walls will give more life to your bathroom space. Certain colours such as light blue and sea green are very soothing as it is. Using such colours in a bathroom helps give a more spa-like feel.
  3. Nice textiles: Who says you can’t incorporate quality textiles in your bathroom? Often, people use a plastic shower curtain, but using a fabric shower curtain will instantly add more elegance to the space. Also, upgrade your plain hand towels with towels that have a nice pattern or some added texture.
  4. Add a cozy rug or great bathmat: If your bathroom is large enough, you can incorporate a nice rug. Some people go as far as adding a Persian rug to their bathroom. However, if your bathroom space is on the smaller side, you can add a more unique bathmat like a turkish style one or one made of bamboo.
  5. Add Decor: Bathrooms don’t have to be completely functional. You can also include some personality to the space. Some great ways to accessorize a bathroom include adding greenery, candles, a unique mirror in lieu of the standard mirror, and some simple artwork. You can also carefully arrange bathroom necessities like soaps and lotions on a shelf or nook, giving a more decorative feel.

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