3 Decorating Ideas for the Holidays Using Stuff You Already Have


One of the wonderful things about holiday decorations is that so many of them can be made from stuff you already have or things you can find outside. Just making ornaments and decorations instead of buying them, is not only very creative, but also a great choice for the planet. Put the “green” in “evergreen” this holiday season with these decorating ideas for the holidays that requires nothing new.

1. DIY Christmas Tree


(Image Source: Brit + Co)

It’s generally agreed that a live tree with a root ball is the most environmentally-friendly choice for live trees and perhaps, a better choice than artificial trees. However, you can even make your own tree with last year’s lights. Choose a wall in your home and run strings of lights downward in a tree shape (use LEDs if you can). You can use a recycled paper star for the top, and even attach lightweight ornaments to the light strands.

2. Cardboard Tube Wreath


(Image source: Country Living)

For the eco-minded among you, make a wreath from cardboard tubes (such as toilet paper and paper towel tubes). Cut the tubes into various lengths to add variety, then paint them. Use several different seasonal colours if you like or keep it uniform. Next, arrange the tubes with the open ends facing you in a ring shape. When you’re happy with the arrangement, hot glue the tubes together. The handy hollow tubes leave the perfect place to hang the wreath, and you can glue all sorts of interesting miniatures inside the tubes – small ornaments, acorns, figurines, or whatever you like.

3. DIY Twigs and Branches Centerpiece


(Image Source: Polka Dot Bride)

Make a lovely tabletop tree by inserting curvy, interesting branches you can find near your home, into a vase or cup. Then hang your existing ornaments from it. You can also paint acorns and pinecones and use those to brighten up your twig tree.