4 Unique Holiday Entertaining Ideas

holiday cookie swap

Homemade cookie swap: Feeling festive? Ask your guests to participate in a cookie swap. Everyone can prepare half a dozen or so cookies for the other participants and at the event, each person gives away their homemade cookies and collects goodies from the others. Each person walks away feeling happy that they could give something they made, while being able to enjoy some sweets from their friends and family.

Holiday movie night: Before your party, have your guests vote on their favourite holiday themed movie. Then watch the movie the night of your event. You can incorporate traditional movie snacks with a holiday twist such as red and green candy and popcorn!

Gingerbread house decorating: There’s nothing more fun over the holidays than letting the kids get creative. For a kid-friendly gathering, have one or two gingerbread house kits (or you can make your own gingerbread squares from scratch), and get all the bells and whistles for decorating. Let the kids use their imagination to build and decorate. 

Brunch: Breakfast is the favourite meal of the day for many. So why not host a brunch for your guests rather than the typical dinner or cocktail party? The best part is, you can offer both savoury and sweet foods for the main course.