Achieving Balance & Harmony in Your Space


The elements of design include a concept of equilibrium that is defined by balance and harmony.

Balance can be achieved through symmetry or asymmetry.

When there’s symmetry, things exist in pairs or other even numbers to cancel each other out and maintain a neutral vibe. Symmetry is especially important in formal styles of decor, as it gives off order and a streamlined look.

Balance is also about how things are set up in a room and how they work together to create a pleasant environment, as well as how they draw the eye. Just like a painting would look odd if most of the colour is on one side of the canvas, a room would feel unbalanced if elements were not cancelled out by another element on the opposite side of the room. You can achieve equilibrium by balancing the weight and size of the objects in your rooms.


(Image source: i3 design group,

Asymmetry, on the other hand, represents imperfection, casualty, and a relaxed atmosphere. An asymmetrical arrangement can be a set of three different candles or art pieces that are grouped together as a focal point. On the other hand, in a symmetrical layout, the candles are the same, spaced apart at equal distances, and likely used in pairs.



(Image source: Urban Homez,

Harmony is another aspect of home decor that is important in maintaining a home that is inviting and inspires tranquility. To achieve harmony, you don’t have to coordinate and match all the objects in your room. You can create harmony simply when the furniture, accents, and accessories follow a similar theme that complement each other and the rest of your home.

contemporary-living-room(Image source: Home Vanities)


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