5 Easy Tips for Achieving a Lighter Home in 2016


Time and time again, the most common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. While a healthy choice, shedding a few pounds can extend past just the human body. Ever think that your home can shed some weight as well? It sure can, and you can bet that a lighter home will have you feeling less stressed and lighter too.

Here are five easy tips to get your home looking and feeling lighter in the New Year.

  1. Clean out the fridge: First get rid of the items that have gone bad or are past its expiry. Then, purge any items you simply don’t use like dressings, pickles or other condiments. Give your fridge a nice wipe down after.
  2. Reduce small appliances, utensils and serve ware: Take a look at all of your kitchen gadgets and utensils. Are you using all of them? How often did you use them this past year, if at all? If you haven’t used something in the past year, there’s a good chance you don’t need it. Pass on unused items to friends or family members that you know will make use from it, or better yet, donate it.
  3. If you haven’t worn it this year, let it go: That’s right. Go through your drawers and closets and let go of all the clothing items you haven’t worn this past year. Unless it’s an outfit for special occasions like a cocktail dress or suit, the chances of you ever wearing it again is slim to none. Also get rid of clothing that still needs to be hemmed, stitched or fixed, unless you plan on making the fixes this week.
  4. Get rid of books, magazines and papers that serve no purpose: It’s completely okay to have an arrangement of books and magazines in a designated area. But if you’re running out of space and find there are books and magazines collecting in other spots, then it’s time to get rid of the ones that have no particular meaning to you, that you’d likely not read again or the ones you wouldn’t even recommend. Simply donate the unwanted items. As for papers like old bills, receipts, flyers and so on – simply recycle or shred the ones you don’t need and file away the important ones.
  5. Reduce unused shoes and outerwear: Take a look at all the shoes, jackets and coats in your home. Dispose of shoes that are not being worn or that are broken, unless you are planning on getting them fixed this week. While you’re at it, take a look at all outwear gear from spring coats to snow pants. Throw away worn out items and donate the pieces that are in good condition.

(Image source: Celebrations.com)