Functional Decor Ideas to Maximize Easy Living at Home


Homes are for eating, sleeping, hanging out, studying, working, enjoying family time and so much more. Bottom line, we spend a lot of time at home, which is why our space should be somewhat functional. Here are some functional ideas for home decor that are easy to apply to your space. Creating a homey, functional environment is easy and yields positive results toward achieving a more balanced lifestyle. If you can designate individual areas of your house for specific purposes, it will be easier to live in comfort and harmony.

1. Set up a nice desk and chair somewhere in your home, where you can pay bills, enable important conversation, and where the kids can study.

2. Rugs are a great way to break up a room and add warmth to cold floors like marble, travertine, and hard wood. If you have young kids, it creates extra space for them to play activities where you can watch them.

3 Keep traffic paths clear to avoid bumping into furniture. Leaving enough space to move around helps create efficiency.

4. Adding a chaise or sleek lounge chair to your living spaces, adds sophistication while also providing a comfortable place to lay back and relax after a long day.

5. A comfy chair, accompanied by a lamp and side table, makes a wonderful reading corner where you can relax with your favourite book and warm drink.

6. Dividing screens are good for separating big open areas to make them multifunctional.

7. For a modern look, open shelving in the kitchen or family room is sure to add a designer flare, while also making your everyday essentials easily accessible.

8. Set up seating in a way that conversational groups can be created, instead of spreading out furniture that will result in loud, messy get-togethers.

9. Reduce clutter and maximize vertical space by adding elements such as tall bookcases, shelves, hanging hooks for jackets, etc.,

10. Store items in the rooms in which they’re used. For example, keep your books and magazines in the room you do most of your reading, kitchen linens in the kitchen and extra toilet paper in the bathroom.