3 Perks of Condo Living You Probably Haven’t Considered


There’s more perks to condo life than maintenance free living, no shovelling, and underground parking. Perhaps, only condo dwellers will be aware of these advantages since they live the life first hand. But for those of you new or inexperienced altogether when it comes to condo living, here are a few things worth thinking about.

Less space means more meaningful purchases
The more space we have, the more likely we are to buy things we don’t need, knowing there is dumping space for it. Obviously, things end up collecting and we are surrounded by too many things – most of which we don’t use or don’t need. Condo dwellers on the other hand, are more likely to contemplate their purchases and figure out the exact use for the item before purchasing it, otherwise they risk having to store it somewhere, and lets be honest, storage space can be limited in a condo space

It’s easier to tackle cleanliness and order
Living with less space, means living with less things and in many ways someone who lives in a condo is forced to organize and purge more often than you’d think, or they risk feeling confined and claustrophobic if there’s even a slight hint of chaos. For example, at the beginning of every season, condo owners are more forced to evaluate their clothing and decide which pieces they’re likely to wear, and which ones to give away. This frees up much needed closet space. Furthermore, chores can’t be put off as easily when living in a tighter space. If there’s newly washed clothing, it can’t be tucked away somewhere until you get to it. It needs to be folded and put away unless you want to constantly stumble upon it.

More functional living
When you think of the concept of home, it’s a sense of belonging somewhere and living together in harmony with your loved ones. But it’s also where we spend our time fulfilling life’s essential tasks – sleeping, eating and relaxing. A condo space provides the opportunity for these necessities. There’s a place to sleep, a place to cook and eat, and a place to put the feet up and watch some television or read a book. If these needs are met, what else is truly important? Do we really need the craft room or the man cave that’s frequented on occasion?

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