Add Some Romance to Your Home Decor, All Year Round

White cream color of romantic bedroom Decoration Idea

The romantic style of home decor isn’t only for February 14th. This style can be used all year round, because of its elegant yet comfortable look and feel. It has elements of soft fabrics, floral patterns, lace, painted furniture, pastel colours and aromatic flower arrangements. Here are some ways to add a romantic flair to your home decor:

1. A touch of pastel colour: The use of pale blues and/or pinks with creamy whites, instantly adds romance to a room. You can easily incorporate these colours through accessories such as lamps, pillows and throws.

pink bedroom

(Image source: House Beautiful)

2. Add some sparkle: Add romance into a living area or bedroom using sparkly pieces like a crystal chandelier, glass vase, and chrome or stainless steel candle holders. In the picture below, the large crystal chandelier instantly ups the romance in the bedroom with its elegance and charm. When we see such pieces, we think of Paris – the centre of romance and love.

White cream color of romantic bedroom Decoration Idea

(Image source: Laurel and Wolf)

3. Sheer, soft and silky fabrics: Particular fabrics can bring to mind a romantic feel. For example, sunlight pouring through sheers as seen in the image above, creates a warm and comforting feeling. Decadent fabrics that are are silky to the touch like satin or silk, or soft like chenille and finer cottons, also conjure a sense of romance.

4. An ornate mirror: Certain mirrors are very romantic in nature. Instead of straight or smooth lines, they are usually quite ornate. A frame that is gold or “painted” in a creamy white, or mirrored itself, are particularly more romantic.


(Image source: Online Fabric Store)

5. Painted furniture: A weathered piece of furniture painted in a creamy white or pastel colour, gives a vintage Parisian look that is very romantic in nature. Keep an eye out for an older piece of furniture like an armoire, dresser, desk or chair, that can be painted with a distressed finish.

painted furniture

(Image source: Lee Caroline Art)