4 Handy Tips for Your Condo Nursery


Many people start and grow their families in a condo or apartment for a variety of reasons. For example, they may be located close to work, or in a neighbourhood they prefer. Or, they don’t want to increase their expenses even more – as we know, babies can be expensive! Living in a condo or apartment while starting or growing a family may be the practical choice for many, but it can present some challenges when it comes to space and storage. But here are some tips to maximize your space while making room for little ones.

1. Incorporate the nursery into the master bedroom: Expecting can be very exciting. However, before you go on a shopping binge, remember that some baby gear is just not necessary. Not everything that tends to go into a sizeable nursery room gets used anyway. If you stick to just the basics, you may be able to squeeze the baby into your room if another room is not an option.

In this picture, we see a crib tucked beside the bed. In front of the crib, there’s small storage for the essentials and next to that, is a change pad on top of a dresser, in lieu of a change table. Then of course, there’s the dresser with ample storage space and a chair tucked in the corner, perfect for nursing.


(Image source: apartmenttherapy.com)

2. Use minimalist furniture: In the image below, the use of minimalist furniture helps to create a lot of open space and flow into the room. The room seems larger than it is with the streamlines and airy furniture, and there’s enough walking space.


(Image source: http://homemydesign.com/)

3. Make use of vertical space for storage: In smaller spaces, it’s important to use all the space available – this includes taking advantage of vertical wall space. In this image, a narrow yet tall cubby unit is used for extra storage and decor. Also, the chest of drawers is tall, instead of wide. Finally, a wall shelf near the door is used to hang clothes.


(Image source: www.clickinteriores.com)

4. Use small scale nursery furniture: If you’re really tight on space, then opt for smaller sized furniture for your little one. In the picture below, a smaller crib is used as well as a smaller change table with extra storage space. Both important pieces of furniture fit along the same wall which provides extra function in the room.


(Image source: idealhomegarden.com)