5 Ways to Divide a Small Space


Even though open concept design is wildly popular, we still like to divide our space based on functionality. However, in smaller spaces, over compartmentalizing can make the area feel closed in. Here are a few tips for dividing up space in a more airy manner so that flow is uninterrupted.

1. Sheers

Hanging sheers can create some privacy between rooms without breaking up the space too much. Furthermore, if you hang sheers near windows, light can still pour into the entire space.

Image source: The Budget Decorator

2. Fretwork screen

A fretwork screen is another ideal way to divide space. With the open patchwork design, the screen doesn’t give off a bulky look. Not to mention, the mobility of a screen makes it a very convenient option for dividing space as you can move and store it easily.

Image source: Decor Pad

3. Tall open shelves

A tall open shelving unit acts as extra storage space and a room divider when laid out across a room rather than against a wall. Use a shelving unit that has open spaces to reduce bulkiness.

Image source: Apartment Therapy

4. Shorter shelves

A shorter shelving unit has a trifecta effect. Not only does it divide a room, but it provides storage space within the shelves, and also on the surface.

Image source: Planete Deco

5. Using furniture

You can always breakup an open space using furniture. In the picture below, a sofa is laid out in a way that  divides the dining area from the living area.

Image source: Adams Browny

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