5 Stores to Visit in Canada for Small Scale Furniture

Image source: Urban Barn

As more and more people choose to live in condos and apartments, the demand for small scale furniture grows as well. Luckily, many furniture stores provide buyers with a selection of small scale furniture and often in great designs, fabrics and colours. If you’re in the market for apartment size furniture, then be sure to check out these five stores.

  1. IKEA:- Come on! You can’t have a list like this without giving a nod to IKEA. And don’t assume that their stuff is only for dorm rooms – you can find some fabulous looking pieces made of strong and durable material. Not to mention, IKEA has a variety of styles from ultra modern, to rustic modern to classic cottage. However, the best part about IKEA is the affordable pricing. Okay, so you may have to build the furniture yourself….
  2. Urban Barn: This store is another ideal option for apartment sized furniture. It’s often compared to IKEA but if so, then it’s definitely a more upscale version. The furniture is made in Canada and highly customizable. So if you really like the shape of a sofa but not in the colour of the floor model, then you can choose from a wide range of fabrics, colours and patterns. It’s basically made-to-order furniture at Urban Barn, but without the hefty pricing. 
  3. EQ3: This store is perfect for condo and apartment dwellers who prefer a more sleek and modern look. If you’re all about clean lines and minimalist designs, then this is certainly the place for you. Plus, the prices are pretty reasonable considering the products are designed quite well.
  4. Leon’s Roundhouse: Yes, Leon’s! But, not quite how you remember it. Leon’s Roundhouse is located at Cityplace in downtown Toronto, and it’s completely stocked with contemporary and transitional apartment-sized furniture. Like the Leon’s you remember, their prices are budget friendly.
  5. HomeSense: – Okay, so HomeSense is not quite specialized in apartment-sized furniture. However, on occasion, you can certainly find the perfect piece for your condo or apartment – like a trendy coffee table, or a teak bar stool or a sleek chaise. The prices at HomeSense are hard to beat, so you’ll definitely want to add this store to your list.

Happy shopping!

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