Spring & Summer Need-to-Know Energy Saving Tips

Image source: Emaze.com

Reduce your carbon footprint, do something great for the environment and save a bit off your bills with these energy saving tips.

  1. USE YOUR WINDOWS:  If it gets cool at night where you live, turn off the air conditioning and open your windows while sleeping. Close the windows and blinds when you wake up to enclose the cool air.
  2. SET YOUR THERMOSTAT RIGHT:  Set your thermostat as high as possible that is still comfortable for you. When you’re away, during work hours or while on vacation for example, set your thermostat even higher.
  3. TURN OFF APPLIANCES:  Appliances create extra heat in the home which end up cranking up your air conditioning. Avoid using the oven on hotter days – instead, use the stove, microwave or grill. When using the dishwasher or laundry machine – make sure the loads are full. These appliances also create additional heat within your home. Finally, try drying clothes by hanging them outside. The dryer is yet another appliance that generates extra warmth in the home.
  4. UNPLUG:  Computers, televisions, stereos and even hair appliances such as curling irons and flat irons, cause heat accumulation. Don’t keep such items running when not in use and try avoiding running all sorts of things at the same time. This simply creates too much unnecessary heat within the home.
  5. TURN OFF THE LIGHTS:  You can take advantage of natural light during the summer months without letting in too much heat. For example, south-facing windows allow little direct sun during the summer, especially if properly shaded while north-facing windows admit relatively even, natural light, with almost no summer heat gain.