Tidying Up Tips: The Marie Kondo Way

kondo way

We can all benefit from a decluttered home. A space that is airy and rid of unnecessary accumulation is simply more peaceful and balanced. Here are some tips on how to tidy up your space, from none other than the lovely Marie Kondo – best selling author of The Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy.

  1. When you decide to tidy, do it all at once: Tidy up sooner than later, and when you do, tackle the entire feat at once.
  2. Tidy by room, not category: When we tidy up, we often tidy up room by room. We’ll do the kitchen one day, then the the family room the next, and maybe we’ll get to the master bedroom, eventually that is. However, Kondo suggests we tidy up by category. For example, let’s start with books, papers and magazines. You’ll want to hull these items from every bedroom, storage space, nook and cranny you can imagine, then sort through all the items, deciding what you’ll keep and what you will part ways with.
  3. Keep what you need, or what brings you joy: Kondo believes that you should only keep the stuff you need – meaning the stuff you actually use – or that which brings you joy. Whatever you’re left with should be stored in the same place. So instead of having books all over the place, keep them stored nicely on one shelf.
  4. Storage doesn’t have to be fancy: Kondo doesn’t buy into expensive and complicated storage systems. She believes the craze over storage is due to having too many things. Kondo believes it is better to keep things simple – like use that empty shoebox.
  5. Fold versus hanging: Kondo recommends you fold most clothing, and only hang the items that have too much structure such as heavy coats and suits. Folding creates neater storage and if you fold properly, you can store at least twice the amount of clothing in the same amount of space.

Marie guides you through the basic folding method in the video below:




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