5 Ideas for Summer Decorating


Create a lighter, brighter home for the summer months using these easy steps!

1. Trim down the bulk: Create a breezier space by pulling back the curtains and putting away some of the non-essential decor pieces that add warmth and bulk. For example, if you have nice wooden floors, roll up the carpet and show them off and let the natural light bounce off them. Also, put away your pillows or pillow covers in darker hues and exchange them for pillows in lighter, brighter fabrics.

2. Bring the outdoors in: Add a little greenery and some florals inside your home, as well as outside your home. You can make it simple by adding some succulents in little pots, or by cutting flowers from your outdoor garden and placing them in your vases.

3. Add fresh scents: Lighter scents are more favourable during the summer months. Choose fresh scents such as ocean breeze, cucumber or eucalyptus.

4. Use fabrics with lighter textures and colour: Swap out your heavier, darker fabrics like your duvet cover and flannel sheets, with lighter fabrics such as linen or cotton in airy hues or floral patterns.

5. Add some lighting, outdoors: With the warmer weather, you’ll want to get outside as often as you can. Since you’ll be spending more time outdoors, dress up your backyard space or balcony with some candles, led lights or solar lights to create a festive feel and an excuse to stay outside longer.


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