3 Easy Ways to Add Paint in Your Condo Space

accent wall

Paint is a wonderful and easy way to add some flare to your condo space. It is an affordable décor option, and just about anyone can work with a paint brush or roller. Plus, if you’re hesitant about design and décor ideas for your condo, paint should be the first place you start because it is forgiving and changeable. Yes, a really great part about paint, is that it can be changed if you don’t like it just by re-painting. Here are three easy ways to liven up your condo space through the power of paint.

1. Pick a wall

If you’re afraid to add too much colour to a room, then select just one wall to paint in that room. An accent wall makes a statement without overpowering the room. However, before you decide on a paint colour, you should first select the accent wall. Some of the right places for an accent wall include a fireplace wall, the wall that your bed is against, an interesting nook, or a bookcase wall. Keep in mind, the point of an accent wall is to attract the human eye to that wall.

Once you select an accent wall, it’s time to decide the colour. Think about your goal. If you’re trying to make a bold statement, then go with a vibrant colour or a deep colour. If you simply want to achieve a subtle contrast, then select a deeper version of the paint used throughout the room.

In the photo above (courtesy of Houzz.com), you can see how just one wall of paint completely transforms the room and gives it a ‘wow’ factor.

2. Pick a small room and set the mood

Painting a small room like your bathroom or kitchen is an easy way to add lots of appeal. When selecting a colour for your small room, think about the mood you want to set. If you want to create an upbeat and happy mood, then use a warm colour like red or yellow. If you’re looking to set a relaxed mood, choose a cool and calming blue or green that has blue tones. If modern is more your style, then go with greys and whites to pull off that sleek look. If you want to go with a dramatic feel, pick a rich and deep colour like navy, chocolate or a deep taupe or olive.

It’s easy to forget about the trims in your condo space. However, something as simple as painting your baseboards, door frames, and mouldings with a new coat of white paint, can instantly freshen up your condo. If you’re working with a small condo or tight room, you can consider painting the trims the same colours as the walls. This helps make the trims, especially around doors, blend in nicely with the walls instead of cutting up the space.

(Image source: http://homeround.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/living-room-accent-wall-ideas-interesting-modern-family.jpg)

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