Design Elements: Playing with Colour & Texture

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Design incorporates many elements that rule and define the result of a particular style of home decor. Among them, colour and texture represent two important aspects of maintaining an invigorating yet soothing and comfortable environment to live in.


Colour is essential to our well-being and plays an important role in mood and emotion. Humans can perceive more than 15 million colours, finding comfort in some and energy in others.

The colour green, for example, signifies harmony, peace, and nature, while yellow is related to youth, fun, creativity, and warmth. Red indicates passion and love, and blue reminds us of the ocean, tranquility, and security.

Selecting pleasing colours for your rooms doesn’t always mean selecting your favourite colours, but rather, selecting colours based on the mood you want to create. If you are after harmony, balance, peace, warmth, and tranquility, a colour scheme with hues of greens, blues, whites, and tones of gold, yellow, or red is sure to do the trick. If you’re after an invigorating environment, choose colours such as orange, yellow, magenta, turquoise, and aqua to energize and brighten the atmosphere.

In this photo, the play of soft colours – a light taupe, off white and sea blue, create a peaceful and serene feeling in the room.

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Texture is another critical aspect of home decor, as it gives a room complexity and detail while complementing the decor in a subtle way.

Texture is generally used to attract immediate attention to an area, especially if the colour scheme is restricted to just a few similar colours.

Fabrics are perhaps the best way to incorporate texture into a room, with options varying from linens to silk, wool, and pique, amongst many others.

In this bedroom, a variety of textures can be experienced. There is the soft suede feel of the headboard and stools and the light feel of the sheer curtains and cotton bedsheets. Then we have cooler, harder textures found in the metals of the round table and the hardware of the side tables. Finally, we have the natural element of wood as seen in the flooring.

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