Tips to Design Your Own Home Office


These days, many people are self-employed or work-from-home. It’s no wonder then, why the “home office” is no longer an occasional room, but a room many use on a daily basis. Designing a functional and stylish office space should not be overlooked, as a pleasant office can boost productivity.

You can create an office space pretty much anywhere. If you have an entire room you can turn into an office, that is great. Otherwise, creating some space for an office in a living area or bedroom are completely valid options as well.

First thing first – because this is your office space and it happens to be in your home, feel free to personalize it to your taste. You can make the office blend into the decor of your home whether the style is traditional, modern, contemporary or rustic.

There are a few main things you will want to do with your office space.
First, you will want a cozy chair that is gentle on your back. You might find yourself spending endless hours in your home office. If this is the case, a comfortable chair is a must. The most comfortable office chairs have a puffy lower back that offers lumbar support, and they spin around to ease the retrieval of papers and access to filing cabinets and printers.

Offices must also have adequate lighting so that you can focus on your work without headaches or distractions, like getting up to switch another light on. The best kind of lighting for an office consists of a desk lamp and either track or recessed lighting to supply additional light.

If your office is within another room, you might want to hide the computer and other gadgets using a computer armoire. An armoire would also give you some extra space for storage, and will maximize the area of the room. Otherwise, find yourself a compact laptop or sleek monitor so that the technology doesn’t overpower the room.

Obviously, an office is not an office without a desk. If you are setting up an office within another room in your home, you will want to find something that takes up minimal space and blends in with the decor of the room. Then look for mini filing cabinets or storage solutions that you can tuck underneath the desk or have resting on top.

If you can use all of your room’s space to set up a fully functional home office, you may want to stick to desks that are in an L or square U so that you can store all your files and work items in a place that is easy for you to access.

Adding some shelving to organize your folders and books in easily accessible manner will be useful. If you have enough space, you can use an entire shelving unit. If space is limited, look for shelving that you can install on the wall.

Finally, you’ll want to accessorize. Add some personal touches to your workspace through pleasant artwork, cool storage solutions, memorabilia or collectors pieces and some greenery.

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