5 Perks to Downsizing

Image source: http://homesthetics.net

The expression, bigger is better, is losing its weight as more and more people are beginning to choose smaller space living. But is transitioning from a bigger space to a smaller space easy? Can it lead to a happier life lifestyle? Well, here are a few perks to downsizing to consider.

1. Less time spent on maintenance: A smaller space means spending less time on cleaning, repairing, and improving the home. Plus, if you are living in a condo, you don’t have to worry about costly repairs such as fixing the roof or changing the windows.

2. Less accumulation: When you live in a smaller space, you have less of a need to fill your space with things you probably don’t need and will likely not use (eh hem…the ab roller).

3. Creative organization: Living in a smaller space means you have to be a little more nifty when it comes to home organization. Yet, the exercise of creative organizing can be a fulfilling activity as you consider all the possibilities of your space. Instead of saying, “Oh just stuff it in the closet,” you’ll be saying, “Can we build a shelf here?” or “When we buy a bed, maybe we should opt for the one with storage?”

4. Better on the environment: Smaller homes are less burdensome on the environment as they require less energy and water to maintain. Also, because there are less rooms to furnish, you’ll have less furniture to dispose of.

5. Marketability: Smaller homes have good resale prospects as you’ll be targeting a broader segment of people – both those making their first home purchase or those simply looking to downsize.