Finding the Focal Point of a Room


The focal point of a room is the main area of interest and where the eye is drawn. It is not always located in the middle of the room, and may not be as obvious as you think. A room provides a better mood if you arrange the furniture or accessories around the focal point.

Sometimes a focal point is an architectural feature like a fireplace, oversized window or built in bookshelf. A focal point can also be a special object like a picture, mirror, or piece of furniture like a bed, sculpture or piano.

How to Find a Room’s Focal Point

  1. Look around your room and point out the room’s biggest or most interesting feature. This could be the room’s focal point.
  2. If there isn’t any special architectural feature in your room, then your biggest furniture piece could become the focal point. Keep in mind, the focal point should be the first thing you see when entering a room.
  3. The focal point should be visually appealing. So once you’ve determined the focal point, ask yourself if there’s anything you can do to enhance it. For example, if your bed is the focal point in your bedroom, you can make it more visually appealing by dressing up the wall it rests against with nice artwork.
  4. You can make a focal point wall by painting the wall a different colour than the rest of the room and adding artwork and/or display shelves.


  1. To take advantage of your focal point as much as possible, pick a focal point that can be seen from the entryway and main areas of the room.
  2. Focus on the room’s best qualities when selecting a focal point.