What We’ve Learned from Marie Kondo

Image source: http://howtogyst.com

When it comes to making our homes tidy and organized, Marie Kondo’s method of decluttering is one of the most highly effective methods out there. Some may feel it’s a bit extreme, however, maybe we need to be a bit harsh when it comes to leaning out our over accumulated messes. If you haven’t read any of Kondo’s books, here is a summary of what we’ve learned from her method.

1. Purge and organize all at once

Rather than spread out the cleaning over a period of time, Kondo suggests to get it all done in a day or two. Many of us will tackle a room one week, and another room a week later (if we’re ambitious enough). According to Kondo, the project never gets done with this method. So, book off an entire weekend to organize your home.

2. Sort items by type, not room

As already mentioned, the most common approach to organizing is to tackle room by room. Kondo suggests however, to purge and organize by type of item. For example, all clothing in the home should be organized at the same time. Similarly, all books and magazines or shoes should be sorted together. For example, when you begin the cleaning process, you will ask all your family members to collect the items in the category (like clothes) and bring it to one place. Then, let the purging begin! Kondo suggests breaking up items into the following categories: clothes and shoes, books, paperwork, miscellaneous objects, and objects with emotional value.

3. Keep or Kick

Alright, here comes the tough part – letting go of material items. What Kondo suggests here is to keep what you use or what has real sentimental value, and toss the rest. It’s that simple. After tossing what you don’t need anymore, then start organizing the stuff you are keeping. Here’s a tip – hold off on the storage containers. Kondo says you most likely have boxes and bins already that you can use to store your stuff. The point is to get rid of things, not purchase more!

Image source: http://howtogyst.com/my-konmari-journey-komono-kitchen/