Destress Today: Easy Feng Shui Tips

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If you’re feeling foggy or overwhelmed, sometimes the trick is to play with your senses by adding more energy and flow into your home. Here are some quick tips you can try today to help you declutter that mind.

1. Infuse with essential oil

A pleasant scent can be very soothing and relaxing. Some scents that are known to help reduce stress include lavender, sandalwood and rose.

2. Reduce clutter

A clean home, is a clean mind. A quick way to relax in your home environment is by cleaning and decluttering. Something as simple as tidying up your fridge and getting rid of unused items, then restoring the fridge with fresh, nourishing, and vibrant food can add a lot of comfort and peace to your day.

3. Let the light in

Unless you need to darken a room for some reason, keep your home brightly lit. Have curtains and blinds open to let the natural light pour in.

4. Add elements of nature

Bringing elements of the outdoors in, is another easy way to add some Feng Shui to your home. Try adding an aloe vera or succulent plant to an otherwise dull corner. Or, how about placing some fresh florals on the dining table or entryway console? Even adding flowing water, like a tabletop water fountain, can add a lot of harmony to your home.

5. Provide yourself with daily inspiration

What makes you smile? Is it a quote, a book, is it your child’s artwork or a photo of a loved one? Try placing these gentle reminders of the good in your life in a spot you’ll take notice every time you pass by.

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