Storage Ideas for Your Small Bathroom


We all could benefit from extra storage space in our bathroom, especially if our bathroom is on the smaller side. Here are some stylish, yet highly functional ideas to give you a bit of extra storage for all your toiletry needs!

1. Wall shelves as high as possible: These wall shelves are stacked high to give that extra storage space you definitely need. Place everyday items in the reachable areas, and the other stuff up higher. salle d

2. Make the space above the toilet functional too: More often than not, the wall space above the toilet is empty. Instead of placing artwork or a clock there as many of us do, opt for shelves instead. Like in the photo below, it can be an ideal spot for extra towels and toilet paper.
Master Bathroom in Baltimore
3. Choose a vanity with storage: A pedastal sink can be very classy and minimalist which are important features for a smaller bathroom. However, if you can manage to fit in a bathroom sink with a vanity, go for it. Having storage space just below the sink is a life saver!
4. Built-in shelves, larger than you ever imagined: Not many people think about storage that fits an entire wall space, but why not? If you have a wall that is unobstructed and you need the storage, why not build a shelving unit? Try going with a more shallow depth to take up less space and some exposed shelving to break up the bulk.
Barrio Historico House
5. Built-in shelves in the shower: If you are redoing your bathroom, talk to your contractor about creating built-in shelves within the shower space. You can store your shampoo, bodywash and lotion all within your shower which is not only highly convenient but a major space saver for the rest of your bathroom.
Compact modern apartment

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