Less Stressful Ways to Entertain this Year

Image source: chocablog.com

Tradition is nice, but every now and then, it’s time to ditch customs and try something new. If you are playing host this year to a holiday party, why not try something a bit different than the formal dinner party. Here are several ideas we put together so you can add some extra jolly to your holiday season!

1. Holiday Cocktail Party

Image source: Martha Stewart
Image source: Martha Stewart

You’ll be the coolest host on the block if your party is floating with some creative drinks and divine apps. Create a couple of signature drinks like a green apple martini and mulled wine with cranberries, and prepare a few hors d’oeuvres ahead of time.

2. A Holiday Buffet

Image Source: IKEA
Image Source: IKEA

If you’re hosting a larger crowd, or if you simply want to cut the formalities, go for buffet style. The best thing about a buffet, is that you can go with any menu you had in mind but without the fuss of making table settings or making sure everyone got handed the bowl of mashed potatoes.

3. Holiday Themed Afternoon Tea

Image source: chocablog.com
Image source: chocablog.com

When you think about it, the holidays is a perfect time to have afternoon tea – in fact, ’tis the season for delectable sweets, champagne and hot beverages. Serve up your christmas cookies with traditional finger sandwiches and holiday inspired tea flavours.

4. Holiday Wine & Cheese Party

Image Source: Williams Sonoma Blog
Image Source: Williams Sonoma Blog

Turn up the elegance this season with a festive wine and cheese party. Celebrate with a selection of soft and hard cheeses, spiced nuts, a variety of breads, fresh and dried fruit and of course – the red and white.

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