5 Condo Balcony Must Haves


If you’re fortunate enough to have a decent sized balcony with your condo or apartment, then you will want to put the space to good use during the warmer weather. Here are five must haves to help you fully utilize your balcony space:

Compact and elegant seating: You will want somewhere to sit and relax while having your morning tea or coffee or sipping on your evening cocktail. Select seating that is appropriately sized for your balcony or risk stumping your toe. Although tempting, skip out on the lounge furniture that takes up too much room on your balcony. Pick chic materials for your seating such as wicker, teak or iron to give your modest outdoor space a more elegant touch.

Centre or side table: You will need a place to rest your mug or wine glass. Like the chairs, select a compact table for your balcony. There’s a range of cute centre tables you can choose from including wicker, teak or porcelain.

A bold mat or decking: The great thing about a smaller space is that it doesn’t take too much to add some flare. Spring and summer are the perfect times to take risk on colours and patterns. Thrown down a colourful or fun patterned mat at the centre of your patio. You can place the mat on the bare balcony floor or on top of decking. You can get patio tiles in a range of colours and materials from plastic to teak. They are easy to install as they simply click together – no tools required!

Plants, flowers, stands and pots: Who says you can’t create a mini garden on your balcony? Adding pots and plants to your balcony is a great way to add colour and a botanical element to your space. Arrange your favourite annuals, plants and herbs in some lovely pots and place on stands. Your mini garden will not only serve as decoration but also provide you with some privacy.

Fun lighting: Add a romantic touch and warmth to your summer evenings with balcony lighting. You can add solar string lights or candle lanterns – both of which require no electricity at all.

(Image source: http://homemydesign.com)

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