5 Ideas for Repurposing Old Furniture


A re-purposed piece of furniture has a story behind it, and can add character and personality you didn’t have before. You can have an instant conversation piece in your room. Check out some ideas here:

Idea #1: An old dresser gets turned into a bathroom vanity with ample storage

Idea #2: Dated chairs from the 80’s get revamped in red glossy paint and new upholstery
DIY Ideas: Spray Paint and Reupholster Your Dining Room Chairs
Idea #3: A step stool is painted out in black and gets more use as a side table
My Bedroom
Idea #4: Old, weathered doors get reused as a rustic headboard
Idea #5: An old wooden chest gets used as a sturdy coffee table with storage
Soledad Alzaga Interior Design