Creating a Functional & Stylish Nursery in a Small Space

A nursery room always warms the heart doesn’t it? And who says size matters? These nurseries are high on style and funtion despite having less space to work with. Check out the following ideas for smaller scale nurseries:
1. This row townhouse’s small and minimalist gender-neutral nursery design is not short of function or style. The room has space for sleeping, play and storage and most importantly, toys!
2. This gender neutral nursery design takes advantage of the longer length of the room. The horizontal stripes elongate the room even more, and the pastel colours make the room seem bigger than it is. The room contains the necessities of a newborn; a crib, change table, and rocking chair.
6611 Drexel Ave.
3. This gender-neutral nursery design from a New York home has all the essentials and then some including a sitting area by the window. Custom made and built-in furniture is a great way to maximize space.
Village Brownstone
4. This small transitional gender-neutral nursery design from an Ottawa home, is not lacking in design. The accent wall combined with the bold patterned curtains and rug, creates an impactful space.
Modern Nursery
5. Another transitional gender-neutral nursery. This one is from a 2 bedroom home in Orange County. The room takes advantage of vertical space with the wall storage and smaller scale furniture such as the crib and rocking chair.
Avelina in Anaheim, California