Easy Tips for Reducing Waste in Your Home

Image source: Super Healthy Kids

1. Buy in bulk: By buying in bulk, you save money, reduce the amount of packaging, and chemical exposure. It’s a win-win in so many ways. Store your staples in jars and containers you already have.

Image source: Super Healthy Kids
Image source: Super Healthy Kids

2. Use reusable water bottles: Instead of buying disposable, plastic water bottles, use glass or stainless steel bottles. They’re better for the environment, and again, it reduces your exposure to chemicals found in plastic.



3. Borrow: If you need something for only a short period of time, consider borrowing it from someone. This will save you money and reduce waste, as well as help you build your own network of friends and family that share things with one another.



4. Reduce fast food consumption: Eat and pack food from home as much as you can. Not only does doing so save you money, it reduces environmental waste and your waistline!

female chopping food ingredients

5. Change all your bills to e-statements: Getting bills in the mail is a thing of the past. Switch to e-statements and reduce both environmental and mental clutter.