Tips for a Presentable Entryway at All Times

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1. Take everything out and give it a good clean: Your front closest may be one of the dirtiest and dustiest places in your home. Just think, we store our shoes and wet coats there! Once you’ve taken everything out, vacuum and mop the area. Now before putting everything back, go through all your stuff. Get rid of worn out shoes and coats, and give away the stuff in good condition that you simply don’t use anymore.

2. Freshen up: After you’ve decided what’s for keeps, take a good look (and sniff!) and consider what needs to be washed, dry cleaned, or polished. A closet full of clean items, appears more clean as a whole.

3. Rotate by season: If you can have space to keep nonseasonal coats, shoes, and accessories in another area of your home, then do it. A closet that is paired down to just seasonal items not only looks neater, but is also way more functional.

4. Add storage solutions: A pretty basket on the top shelf can hold winter accessories, while a hanging cloth cubby can hold shoes. Use different storage solutions to organize your things and keep the closest tidy.