Play Corner Ideas for Small Spaces

bench grey

More and more families are living in smaller spaces from row homes to condos to basement apartments. The smaller space should not limit children from play time, exploring their imagination and simply having fun. You can carve out space in your home, no matter the size, to create a special little play area for your little one. Here are some ideas:

Hanging Canopy

Hang a canopy anywhere in your home and you’ve created an instant child magnet. Add some toss pillows and you’ve got a cozy hideaway for your child to play for hours or snuggle up with a book. Add some lights for extra fun.

Art Wall
Add a chalkboard or chalkboard paint to some wall area. Hang chart paper, colours, and chalk and you’ve got an instant art space for your little artist.
Corner Table
Place a child’s table and a few fun things such as toys, colours and books, and you’ve made a little office for your child to play and be creative.
A Reading Nook
If you’ve got a reader on your hands, create a reading nook in a corner by simply adding some wall shelves for books and cozy seating. String lights adds to the cozy factor and will encourage your child to spend more time in their reading space.
Create a Centre
Find some empty wall space or a nook in your home to create a learning centre based on your child’s interests. If your child loves to dance, sing and act, create a dramatic play area. If your child loves to build and make things, add a workbench. If your child loves to copy adults, create a home centre with a mini kitchen.

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