Painting this Summer? 5 On Trend Colour Ideas

Painting the inside of your home in the summer is a good idea because you can keep the windows and doors open to clear those unwanted fumes. But sometimes choosing colours is just as difficult as the painting process. We’ve put together a list of 5 top interior paint colour trends to help with your selection.

Light Blue Green

There’s nothing as calming as a blue-green colour for your walls as it conveys an earthy and relaxing feeling.

Light Pink

Light pink can be neutral believe it or not, and it definitely adds a romantic element to a room.

Deep Gray
Gray is elegant, luxurious and glamorous, and tends to lend a modern touch to any room.
Taupe is a great choice if you want a warmer look and a bit of that modern feel that a darker gray gives, without actually going gray.
Sunny rooms bring a smile to just about anyone, so good thing they are on trend this year.