5 Easy DIYs to Give Your Decor a Custom Look

You can give your home decor a custom look by adding a few unique touches to your furniture all by yourself. The best thing about customizing your furniture, is that no one else will have the same piece. We’ve rounded up several ideas for you below:

1. Add lining to your bookcase

For a new look, stick unused wallpaper or good quality gift wrap onto the back of your bookshelf for a decorative look.

2. Paint a side chair with a fun colour

Give an old wooden chair a rustic modern look with a do-over in a fun colour like orange or teal.

3. Update the look of your sofa by simply adding new cushions and a throw

Getting a new sofa is a big choice, but you can change the look of your current one by adding some new cushions and a throw.

4. Antique a boring cabinet for a designer look

Paint over a boring cabinet with some chalk paint, then distress and glaze it for a modern finished look.

5. Opt for pieces instead of furniture sets

Separate pieces from your furniture sets like your bedroom suite or console table and mirror, to give a more designer look than a big box feel.