Tips for Decorating Your Student Living Space

As September approaches and school starts up again, it’s time to get thinking about furnishing your student space. We’ve compiled some images that will give you some useful ideas to maximize your small space and make it feel like home away from home.

1. Choose a desk with less depth

Does anyone use a personal computer anymore? Chances are, no! Laptops is the common choice for students, in which case, you can study anywhere. So skip the oversized desk (unless your field of studies can benefit from one – like art or architecture), and go for a smaller desk that doesn’t take up valuable space.

2. Personalize where you can

Make your student home feel homey by personalizing it. For example, change the shower curtain and add some easy to hang artwork to make the bathroom space feel more like back home.

3. Less is more

Go for simple furniture and just what you need to avoid cluttering your space.

4. Use a room divider to break up space

If your student unit has a bed, kitchen table and couch all in the same room, use room dividers to section off the space!

5. Think storage

In all your decisions, from choosing furniture to buying new stuff, always think about storage and saving space.