Entryway Ideas for Back to School

Yes, it’s that time again…back to school! Yikes. Remember the backpacks, coats, shoes, school books – crowding your entryway or mudroom? Well, a well designed entryway or mudroom can make for easier mornings and cleaner afternoons. We’ve put together some ideas to help you get in order just in time for school.
1. A place for everything including reminders
What a great idea! Can you imagine an entryway so organized, that it even has a cork board for posting notes and reminders? You can add a place to post written notes by hanging a cork board or painting a chalkboard wall in your front entrance or mudroom, and important dates won’t be missed (hopefully!).
2. Floating shelves
Even if you have limited space, you can find space floating shelves. Floating storage doesn’t take up much needed space, especially in smaller entrances, and it’s an ideal way to store children’s outerwear and accessories.
3. Individualized storage
If you have more than one child, than keeping organized is of even greater importance. If each child has their own storage area, you can bet you will save a lot of time finding everyone’s stuff in the morning!
4. A minimalist entryway
You can go simple with your entryway if space is an issue or you simply prefer the cleaner look. Simple hooks can store coats and backpacks, and shoes can be tucked under a matching bench.
5. Go custom
If you have a very specific area that can fit some seating or a storage unit, than use it. Go with custom furniture to maximize your space with a fitted bench and/or storage unit.