Children Room Ideas to Encourage Learning & Play

kids room

In spirit of back-to-school, it’s a good time to think about your child’s room and how it can encourage learning and play. We have compiled some ideas to help you consider your young child’s space and how it can be an extension of learning outside of school.

1. Create an inviting desk area for studying and arts and crafts.

2. Make separate learning centres to encourage different types of play like a blocks area and pretend play area for example.
3. Make stuff accessible! Organize toys in easy to reach areas for your children so they can take them out and put them away as they please.
4. Make room for floor space. Children need to explore and play. Designate a space on the floor using a rug or foam tiles for example, specifically for your children to play with their toys and work on their physical development.
5. Create a cozy space that encourages quiet play and reading because everyone, even children, like to retreat for a while!

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