Easy Ways to Light Up Dark Areas in your Apartment/Condo

When the sun is down, suddenly the home can feel too dim and we long for more light. However, it’s not always easy to install new light fixtures or pot lights, especially if you’re renting or living in condos and apartments where there could be some limitations with building management rules and the electrical. But, thankfully, there are many different solutions that don’t require that much work.

1. Avoid dark lamp shades

Lamp shades can actually impact the way the lighting projects. Go with lighter shades so that the light not only cascades from the openings, but through the shade as well.


2. Task lighting

Don’t forget about adding lighting in those hard to reach and darker areas like under the cabinets. There are so many options that you can install yourself without any hard wiring.

3. Floor lamps

Ah, the floor lamp can be so versatile. Depending on your space, you can go with a straight floor lamp, or one that cascades over a coffee table, reading nook or dining table.

4. Plug-in ceiling lamp

If you’d like to hang a ceiling light but there’s no electrical output for it, simply by a plug-in pendant light, then hang it from a ceiling hook.

The Leroy Lamp, Green & Yellow Cord, Pendant

5. Plug-in wall lamp

You can also hang certain wall lamps without any hard wiring. Simply install the light on the wall and plug it into the closet electrical socket.

6. Exposed lighting

Ditch the shade altogether and go for exposed lighting where there’s not much more than a bulb alone. You get a lot more light!



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