“Work-From-Home” Work Space Ideas

More than ever, people are spending a lot of time working from home, whether it’s a work from home job, an at home business, or simply, bringing work home. This is why having a comfortable and pleasing space to carry out work from home, is quite important. In fact, productivity is said to be higher in the right environment. Check out the following ideas for your work from home space!
Double Duty
In some households, both partners may work from home whether it’s for their own jobs or business, or they could be working together as part of a family business. If you enjoy working with company, you can set up two office spaces together. In the picture below, two desks sit opposite of each other. This arrangement also works well when you are doing your work and your child is doing their homework.
Work, Eat & Play
It’s healthy to take a break to walk around, lounge or have a bite to eat. Why not set up a more casual work space where you can work and relax in one?
Storage Galore
Vertical storage is a great way to store all those bits and bobs you may need for your work. Keeping things organized in proper storage areas will free up much needed desk space.
Traditional Office
If you’re the type of person who needs absolute quiet to get work completed, or perhaps, you’re in a lot of virtual meetings, then you can devote an entire room to your office if you have the luxury of space. Placing your desk near a window is said to improve productivity and worker health.
Client Meeting
Your line of work may require in person meetings with clients and/or partners. Having a casual, sophisticated office space with a comfy guest chair or two, is the perfect way to welcome someone to your home office.
Let’s Create
An office space with a variety of seating, lots of natural light and space to walk around, can be an excellent way to get the creative juices flowing.
Hideaway Office
Maybe your home doesn’t allow for a big office, or perhaps, you don’t need much space to work. If so, you can create an office nook that can be concealed off hours.

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