Style Ideas for Combined Living/Dining Area


Lots of homes today have a combined living and dining area. But in smaller spaces, we have to really consider things like everyday functionality and entertaining, while also incorporating our personal style. We’ve put some ideas together to inspire you to create a combined living and dining area that’s purposeful for daily life and entertaining and full of style.


If your personal style is more formal and traditional, you can definitely incorporate that into your combined living/dining area with neutral colours, soft fabrics and fancy lighting and accessories. In this space, a large round dining table and comfy guest chairs are combined to create a beautiful space that’s perfect for a pleasant meal followed by conversation.

If you have less space to play with, then go for what you need. For example, if you live alone or with one other person, a table for two can work just fine on a daily basis. Then have enough extra seating in the living portion for when you entertain.
Who says you can’t have a big splash in a small space? If you like things fancy, glam it up with rich fabrics, bold and contrasting colours and fun accessories. A cute dining table and a luxe couch, can create a rich setting for meal or lounge time.
If you have enough space to squeeze in all the pieces, opt for apartment size furniture. You can find smaller dining tables fit for six people as well as apartment sized sofas. With the smaller scale furniture, you will still be able to fit in lots of seating for your dining and entertainment needs.
If you have plenty of space in your living and dining area, go with full sized furniture like a big, comfy couch and a large dining table with ample seating. This will be a great place for family and friends to dine, hang out, have fun and relax.

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