What You Want in Your New Build Kitchen


Are you in the market for a new build? If so, wouldn’t it be great if your purchase came with the right finishes in your kitchen? Here are a few things you will hope your new build kitchen includes in your purchase.

  1. Quartz or Granite countertops:  Quartz and granite countertops have definitely raised the bar for kitchen countertops. Today, laminate countertops do not have the same elegance, or look of quality than stone or engineered stone. Also, not only will you enjoy your chic countertops everyday, but they are an asset for resale.
  2. Up-to-date kitchen appliances:  When you buy a new home, it’s always a plus when the builder provides appliances that are not only pleasing for the eye, but beneficial for the environment and your wallet. Energy efficient, stainless steel appliances are pretty much the new standard today. If your new build home also includes a glass cook top and built in wall-oven with the purchase price, this is a definitely a perk.
  3. Modern cabinetry:  It’s a wonderful thing when your new build home comes with a kitchen that’s much more than basic. A kitchen with well designed cabinetry will provide your kitchen with a more polished and upscale look.  For example, having raised or double upper cabinetry will make your space look better, and is also ideal for storage. As well, cabinetry made of strong and durable materials and completed with fine hardware, will give your kitchen much more than an out-of-the-box look. 

Check out Ville Condos in Streetsville and see what designer finishes we have in store.

115 thoughts on “What You Want in Your New Build Kitchen

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