Must Dos for Entertaining in a Smaller Space


There’s a famous quote by Maya Angelou, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” When you invite someone to your home, you can be certain that most of your guests won’t be stuck on the size of your home, or its age, or how perfectly clean it is. Rather, your guests will be thinking about how they feel. Do they feel welcome? Do they feel unrestricted and at home? Are they enjoying themselves? Good people, good conversation and good food is a great recipe for any gathering, no matter how big or teeny tiny your home is. But if you’re concerned about the space, we have some ideas for you that are sure to help maximize space and add the right vibe to your event.

1. Go casual with seating: Things don’t always have to be formal. People don’t have to eat at the dinner table. Simply have extra seating available that can be placed wherever there’s extra space.

2. Place coasters around your place: If you place coasters in different spots like the tv bench, end table, console, kitchen counter, etc., – you are letting your guests know they can rest their food and drink almost anywhere. Your guests will feel right at home and if you don’t have a coffee table or side tables, there will still be somewhere to rest food and drinks!

3. Think vertical with food arrangements: Serve ware can take up lots of space, especially large platters, punch bowls etc., Think of ways to serve food that takes up more vertical space like a tiered platter.

4. No space is off limits: If you’re in a smaller space and you have many visitors, keep the bedroom doors open. It’s completely okay if a few guests wander off for some quieter conversation. Also, the open doors will make your space feel larger.