Happy Home Tips for 2018

Ring in the new year on a fresh foot and with a lighter, happier spirit. We have some easy tips for you to welcome in the new year with a positive punch, right within your home.

1. Do a daily surface clean (at the least)

Make your bed, hang your clothes or place back in draweers, do the dishes, and put things away. It’s amazing how these simple tasks can bring a calm and chill vibe to your daily life.

2. Create a warm welcome
A clean, warm entrance brings a good, welcoming feeling to anyone walking into your front door. There are many things you can do to create a welcoming entrance like keeping the space tidy and adding a welcome mat or sign, flowers, family photos, a chair or bench, to name a few ideas.
3. Display photos of loved ones
Adding pictures in your home of loved ones gives a warm and comforting feeling and adds a personal touch to your home.
4. Add some aromatherapy to your home
Aromatherapy like candles, reed diffusers, or room spray can stimulate a happy and calming mood and help to decrease stress.
5. Enjoy with others
Whether you live with people or don’t, you can enjoy in the company of others. Engage in great conversation over good food with those you connect with.