How to Maximize a Smaller Space through Decluttering


In cities like Toronto, New York, and Tokyo, small spaces are everywhere. Even suburbs, in high demand areas like the GTA, are becoming increasingly abundant with smaller living spaces. Although, there are more people living in smaller homes, we still think small spaces will make us feel confined and uncomfortable. Yet, smaller homes can provide a more efficient lifestyle, and when used effectively, a small space can look and feel just as comfortable as a larger one.

Many people choose to live in small places not only due to affordability, but also because of the amount of work involved in maintaining large spaces and homes. Others like to live in small spaces as they eliminate feelings of loneliness, especially if living alone. A small home can be both practical and functional, while still appealing to the best sense of aesthetics.

One of the most effective and easiest ways to increase space and space perception is to de-clutter. Why de-clutter? Well, we tend to hold on to things for too long because of sentimental purposes, or, we have accumulated way too many things over time that we simply don’t need. But it’s important to understand the essence of change and accept that moving on without all of our belongings is also okay. Downsizing helps people control their surroundings, making room for other necessary items and facilitating access and flow to and from a room. De-cluttering will reduce feelings of confinement, and make the small space comforting instead. When de-cluttering, recycle, give away or throw away the things in your home you no longer need or use, and keep only what goes with your taste and needs.

A tip we love – the “one in, two out” rule. Whenever you bring in a new item, give or throw away two other items you already have!

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