The Big Benefits of Living in a Small Space

For many, living in a smaller space is not a choice. With less land available to develop, especially in metropolitan areas, more town homes and apartment buildings are being developed. Also, the cost of a traditionally big home, is not practical from a financial and/or maintenance perspective for many people. And then, there are people who consciously make the choice to live in a smaller space out of preference. Yes, it’s true that too small of a place can feel cramped and difficult at times. But many have mastered a “smaller” and simpler lifestyle and feel happier by it. So we ask then, what are some of the big benefits of living in a small space? In the case of smaller space living, less is more.

1. Less to clean

With a smaller space, there’s less square footage to sweep, mop, wipe down, vacuum, etc., Imagine the time saved simply from not having to clean a large space. This frees up more time for doing other things such as….not cleaning. Sounds good!

2. Less space to fill up

A smaller home means you have to utilize every square inch you got. You may not have a guest room or craft room or a separate room for each child, but that also means, you have less space to furnish and decorate. This means less buying of things and more saving!

3. Less stuff accumulating

Smaller homes mean less storage space, so you really need to purge and hang onto the things you really need and use. There is something so uplifting about that though, isn’t there? Having just what you need means less clutter, less junk and less accumulating. Life can just be a whole lot simpler…

4. Less buying

If you live in a smaller space, you already know that you have to adopt a different shopping mindset. You can’t just buy whatever you think is pretty or awesome or on sale anymore. You have to be more thoughtful about your purchases. Small space dwellers learn to ask themselves, “Do I really need this?” before any purchase, because they know it has to keep somewhere and space is of essence.

5. Less headache

Living smaller generally translates to less home maintenance. There’s less to mow, shovel and garden – if at all. There is less of a roof to repair (if you have a roof). Less bulbs to change, tiles to fix, carpet to change, and the list goes on. Overall…less headache.