4 Easy and Affordable Ways to Add Character to Your New Build


A new build condo, town home, or home, may feel a bit basic and not quite homey at first. But the task of warming up an entire home is a daunting task, and expensive to do all at once. There are easy ways to introduce character to a space without it feeling overwhelming or breaking the bank. Here are some tips to get your new build off to a homey start!

1. Change a few light fixtures

Changing light fixtures left by the builder, adds some instant character to a new space. And you don’t have to change each and every fixture. Start with areas that are used the most. For example, adding a pendant to a kitchen or dining area, personalizes the space and adds warmth where the family mostly congregates. Also, you don’t have to spend big bucks for a nice fixture. Big box stores have fixtures with a designer look at a fraction of the cost, and sometimes you can come across a great find at an antique store.

2. Incorporate accent walls

If you don’t have the time or budget to paint on top of the builder’s paint just yet, you can start with an accent wall in the family living space or dining area, and even a bedroom or two. An accent wall is usually the wall in which you face upon entering a room, and there are so many options for an accent wall from using a different paint colour then the rest of the room, applying wallpaper to just that one wall or even adding a different material like wood paneling or wainscotting.

3. Add family photos

Hang up a few family photos or place them on tabletops as soon as you can. You’ll feel right at home almost instantly, and what an inexpensive way to personalize your space.

4. Trim the windows

You may not have the budget just yet to add shutters to your entire home, and that’s entirely okay. But you can add character to your home by adding inexpensive blinds and curtains to some of the windows.

22 thoughts on “4 Easy and Affordable Ways to Add Character to Your New Build

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