Making a Small Space Work with a Young Family


More families are embracing condo and apartment living in the GTA. For many, the cost of a traditional detached home is not affordable, while for others, living close to urban centres and the low maintenance of condos and apartments are attractive options. Despite the savings and convenience, living in a smaller space comes with its challenges. We have tips for making the most of your small space and the needs of your family.

1. Everything should have a home

The best way to keep your small space tidy and organized is to have a designated space for all objects in your home from the towels to the keys to the diapers. When something is out of place, simply put it back where it belongs. Having baskets and bins are very useful to stow way random things.


2. Only keep things with function or sentiment

Pairing down belongings can be a challenge with kids because they have so many things. But try your best to buy and keep things that are useful or have meaning, otherwise simply give it away. Children don’t need every single toy under the sun and often enjoy homemade things or making things themselves.


3. Be creative with storage

For the toys and clothes and things you do need to keep, be creative with storage. From under the bed, to wardrobes, to over the closet door, be open to different storage solutions.


4. Don’t buy multiples
Do you really need two small pots, three sippy cups, and three coats for the same season? Probably not. If you’re limited on space, then you really want to avoid having multiples of things. While you may need to wash your dishes more than you’d like to, you’ll be happier with having less things in your home.
5. Take advantage of the outdoors
Getting outside our homes is healthy for the mind and spirit. Take advantage of what your community has to offer. Communities like Vaughan and Streetsville have many parks and trails, community centres, libraries, shopping and dining that you and your family can enjoy together.

24 thoughts on “Making a Small Space Work with a Young Family

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