Why Some Young Families Choose Apartment and Condo Living

Many people believe the real estate market in the GTA today is simply not affordable to get into. The idea of a house seems less attainable for many, more than ever before. Yet at the same time, there are people and families, that enjoy and choose to live in a condo or apartment in the GTA (although, already quite common in other parts of the world). Here are some trends we are noticing.


One reason why more families choose to live in apartments and condos is because they prefer to live closer to things. For example, people want to live closer to work and save time commuting. They want to live in walking distance of public transportation, groceries, dining and shopping. They want to expose their children to the arts and culture that city living brings.

Less household maintenance

Living in an apartment or condo means less yard work, shoveling and general household maintenance. Many people don’t miss a yard and would much rather take their children on walks or take advantage of the beautiful parks and trails in and around the GTA from High Park to Rattlesnake Point. And with our extreme winter weather, snowfalls are frequent and abundant, making shoveling a regular, timely chore during the frigid months that many wouldn’t mind avoiding altogether.

Builders catching on to a new demographic

For decades, moving to a house was the common thing to do once people started families. While this is still common practice, staying in apartments and condos or settling into one with children, is becoming more of a trend. Builders are catching on and considering the needs of families by making bedrooms and bathrooms more roomy, adding more closet and storage space in units, having larger balconies and family friendly amenities such as play areas and outdoor patios.

One floor living

People living in apartments or condos with young children are very grateful for the ease and comfort of one floor living. From those late night bottle warming runs to the never ending loads of laundry to always keeping an eye on the little ones – one floor living is quite ideal.

Minimalist movement

More people are concerned for the environment than ever before and choose to live a life of less consumption and carbon footprint. Small space living means less consumption of land and natural resources but it also means buying less things to fill and maintain a house. Moreover, if one’s apartment or condo has a high walking score, then there’s less need for more than one vehicle, or any for that matter.

(Photo by Abaca InteriorsMore entryway photos)


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