Easy Ways to Create Sections in an Open Floor Plan

Many condos, apartments, towns and even detached homes, will have an open concept floor plan that combines the family/living area with the kitchen/dining area. In some condos and apartments, the open concept floor plan may even include a bedroom among the living and dining area. To no surprise, many people are troubled with how to create areas that feel functional independently within a broad space. Well, home should feel like home, not a hotel room, right? We have a few ideas for you to create a sense of separation in your open concept home that are easy to do and inexpensive to execute.

1. Cluster furniture

The easiest way to create separate areas within a larger space is to group furniture closer together that share the same purpose while leaving more distance between furniture that don’t share the same purpose. For example, keep the coffee table, couch, television and media storage unit within close proximity of each other with some distance from the kitchen, dining table, dining chairs and kitchen storage which should also be in close proximity of each other.


2. Recessed lighting

Lighting can anchor a space within a space very easily. For example, a chandelier above the dining table automatically creates a feeling for the “dining area”. Similarly, a large floor lamp hanging over a couch or coffee table, clearly pulls together the living space.

3. An area rug

Similar to recessed lighting, an area rug can really anchor a space within a space. For example, a large rug that lays beneath the coffee table and couch really pulls together the living area. You can even put a rug under a dining table to create the feeling of a separate dining space.


4. Room divider

A room divider is a simple way to section off an area without closing it off within a larger space. You can be creative with dividers from hanging something from the ceiling to using a fold-out floor divider.