The Wabi-Sabi Style for Home Interior

People today are striving for less chaos and more simplicity in their daily lives and at home. Lately, there has been a big emphasis on home organization, less accumulation, and a clutter-free approach to home design and style. One approach to home style that is gaining more traction this year is wabi-sabi. We will try and decode this style for you as best we can!

1. Embracing imperfection

Wabi sabi is a Japanese aesthetic is about simplicity one on hand, but appreciation for imperfection and what is aging on the other. But it’s not about buying things that have an aged look, it’s about embracing and appreciating things that are already old and worn naturally. In the photo below, the table, floors, chairs and linens look like they’ve seen better days.

2. Sticking to natural materials and colours
The wabi-style style also appreciates natural materials and colours. Wood, stone, glass, ceramic, and metal for example are preferred over plastic. Similarly, colours we would find in nature and other neutrals are preferred. In the photo below, the bathroom shower is made of ceramic and stone in oceanic colours.
3. Bringing the outside in
Wabi-sabi embraces the beauty of nature. You can bring this into your home very easily through plants, foliage and natural light. But it doesn’t have to be perfect or decadent. A branch or two in a vase or a few pine cones gathered in a bowl, adds a nice touch of nature to the interior of your home.
4. Be selective
Wabi-sabi isn’t as paired down as the KonMari approach to home style and organization. However, wabi-sabi does involve some degree of editing when it comes to the stuff in your home. It’s natural and healthy to keep only what we need and cherish, however, you don’t have to be extreme or ritualistic about reducing clutter. Try and embrace an overall lifestyle where you are more selective about what you keep and bring into your home. Before your next purchase, ask yourself if you really need it – maybe you can do with what you already have. And take a look around your home – what stuff can you part with?

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