How to Get Motivated for Spring Cleaning


Spring is here and what better way to welcome the sunshine in than to lighten up your living space. Doing a thorough clean of your living space can be as good for your soul as it is for your home, as you say goodbye to the weight of winter. This all sounds nice but finding the motivation, let alone the time, to give your home that big clean, can be a challenge. Here are some ideas to give you the boost you need for spring cleaning.

1. Tackle one room

If you’re intimidated by all the clutter, simply start with one part of your home, whether it’s a room like the kitchen or a closet like your bedroom walk in. Setting a less intimidating goal for yourself makes it more likely you’ll accomplish it. And after you may just get the cleaning itch and want to tackle another space in your home.

2. Let go of one thing a day for 30 days

If you don’t have the time to do a complete overhaul, try to throw away, recycle, give away or donate at least one item per day for 30 days. Start with one area at a time to really feel the impact. Like how it feels? Tackle the entryway closet next.

3. Do it the Konmari way

Do you just want to get it all done swiftly? Then do it the way Marie Kondo way. In simple terms – approach your cleaning item by item. For example, if you want to minimize all the books in your home, gather all the books from every part of your home and put into a pile. Then decide which ones you use like your favourite cookbooks and which have a sentimental value, perhaps a book gifted by a special person or a limited edition. Now giveaway the rest and recycle the ones falling apart. Tackle another item next like shoes.

4. Reward yourself after

So you want a new couch for your living room or maybe a fancy mixer for the kitchen. Try to put off the purchase until you make space for the new item first by decluttering the room it will belong to. You can even collect money for your new purchase by putting the things you don’t need on sale – like that expensive blender collecting dust!

5. Reward the kids

Is your teen just dying for a new, expensive pair of jeans? Does your gamer want another game that will set you back $70 bucks? Well, make them put in a bit of sweat for it. Have them declutter the category of items of which they want something new. For example, if he or she wants a new piece of clothing, have them first go through their clothes and make a pile for keeps, one for giveaway and one for tossing. If it’s a game or toy they want, so the same with toys and games.