Modern Farmhouse Style Ideas for Small Spaces


The modern farmhouse style of home decor is still trending and we’re not surprised. The style brings together the rustic charm of farmhouse decor mixed in with the chic, contemporary style and clean lines brought by modern decor. While you may not live on a farm or have exposed brick or pipes in your home, you can still incorporate elements of the modern farmhouse style into your small space. Here are some tips!

1. Exposed/ Industrial Lighting

Exposed lighting fixtures, especially in a black or dark brown iron or cord, instantly brings a rustic touch to even the most modern of spaces.

2. Reclaimed Wood
Furniture made of reclaimed or distressed wood instantly brings a farmhouse vibe to any space. And, if the furniture has clean lines, it will achieve a more modern look.

3. Wrought Iron

Furniture and light fixtures with iron elements has a rustic look. But to achieve a more modern look, go with straighter lines.


4. Black and White Contrast
Contrasting aspects of decor like playing with both black and white, is another modern farmhouse trick. This contrast is common with this home decor style, maybe because it’s a mix of natural and sophistication.
5. Wicker
Wicker is an easy way to add a farmhouse element to your home decor. For a more modern twist, go for objects with cleaner lines or painted in contemporary shades like a distressed white or grey.

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