3 Tips for Achieving Peace at Home

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There is nothing like a long, busy day to make you feel extra eager to get home and unwind. But what if your home is in a state of chaos? Piles of clothes on the floor, over sized furniture stuffing up the space and things pretty much everywhere. It’s super important for us to feel peace at home, especially when facing stress from work, school, or with the day-to-day routine. The truth is, homes do get messy and things do pile up. You won’t be able to tidy up everyday. But what if most things were in order most of the time, and cleaning up actually didn’t take too long so you can relax and soulfully sip that cup of tea or deep red wine? There are ways to set up your home so that it’s easier to keep things organized and tidy.

Reduce clutter

We say this a lot on our blog and only because it is true, but – you must get rid of the clutter. There’s a quote by unknown that says it all in fact, “The more you own things, the more they own you.” We have a lot of ideas and tips to help you reduce waste and clutter in your home. Check out our previous blog posts here: Spring Cleaning Using Marie Kondo’s Tips, What We’ve Learned from Marie Kondo and Easy Tips for Reducing Waste in Your Home.

Everything needs a home

Every object in your home from magazines to candles to safety pins and buttons, need a place for keeping. It should be the same place time and time again. Why? Because when you are cleaning up, you’ll know exactly where to put everything and when you are in search for something, you’ll know exactly where to find it. It seems so easy, yet so many of us fail at this. Try it, you’ll be so happy you did!

Decorate with consideration

It’s so much fun to visit home decor stores and collect new, fancy things. But after a while, you may find yourself living in an over decorated home or storage full of unused cushions, textiles and so on. You can achieve a nicely decorated home without having high maintenance or a stuffy feel. Neutral paint colours are always calming and if you want some edge, you can always add pops of colour and print with an accent wall or with cushions and curtains. Personalize your space with some nicely framed family photos, a few artifacts from travels, and a few decorative items like a candle or vase. Also, you’ll want to be mindful of furniture. Keep just what you need – for example, you may not need two side tables in the family/living area or bedroom and you may not need a table that seats six people. Only keep furniture you will actually use and when selecting furniture, keep the size of your space top of mind.